Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Integrating Microsoft CRM with the new Windows Desktop Search

Question: How often do you or your Microsoft CRM users open up CRM each day to search for a phone number or an e-Mail address?

Answer: A lot.

It's very easy to forget when you're steeped in the complex functionality of Microsoft CRM, that users use Microsoft CRM on a minute-by-minute basis to access important but simple information. For me, for example, Microsoft CRM is my roledex. I need a phone number, an address, an e-Mail address, I go into Microsoft CRM.

As improved the number-per-clicks-per-action ratio is in 3.o vs. 1.2, it still can take users 3 - 4 clicks to get something as simple as a phone number. Multiply that by the number of times users need to look up information daily, you quickly grasp the size of the issue I'm talking about. Luckily, there's a GREAT solution.

Joris Kalz, a PSM for Microsoft in Germany, made available a terrific integration between the new Windows Desktop Search (WDS) and Microsoft CRM 3.0. I've implemented it internally at Solutions Consulting Group and we love it. First, WDS is awesome! It's actually a terrific tool, and I like it much better than Google Desktop. Secondly, Jori's integration to Microsoft CRM 3.0 is seamless and quick. You can download instructions and source currently on Joris's blog here. I highly recommend it. Here's a look ....


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