Monday, April 03, 2006

Microsoft releases CRM 3.0 Mobile

Microsoft released CRM 3.0 Mobile today ...

Unfortunately, CRM 3.0 Mobile only supports GPRS, which means, for example, Treo 700w users such as myself on Verizon can't sync via Verizon's broadband network. Verizon supports EV-DO, which is much faster than GPRS.

Knowing Microsoft, I'm sure they had good business reasons to do this ... I just haven't a clue what they are. The Treo 700 is a blackberry-killer. I should know - I've had mine for a few months now and I love it. My e-Mail, appointments, contacts, and tasks sync wirelessly where ever I am. Sync-ing wirelessly like this, versus in a cradle, is an ENORMOUS deal. It's so much easier and convenient. The thought of CRM 3.0 Mobile on a Treo 700 synced wirelessly had my heart pounding - we'd sell em' like hotcakes. Oh well.

Nonetheless, I'm still excited to get CRM 3.0 Mobile installed and our salespeople using it. I'll put out updates on how our implementation of it goes.


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